Financial Matters

Annual Financial Audit Report


Pursuant to Section 218.32(1)(g), Florida Statutes, Escambia County Housing Finance Authority (ECHFA) shall submit its annual financial report for the previous fiscal year, October 1 thru September 30, to the Florida Department of Financial Services. The public may view ECHFA’s Annual Financial Report here.


For a final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year, and audit reports required by law filed with the Florida Auditor General. For additional information on bonds issued by the ECHFA visit the MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website (Options 1-3).

Annual Budget

The ECHFA is able to assist future first-time homebuyers by planning and budgeting. Budgeting is one of the most important activities undertaken by governments. The budget is a plan of financial operation embodying an estimate of proposed expenditures for a given period and the proposed means of financing them, and is the primary tool in allocating ECHFA’s financial resources to programs and services. Specifically, ECHFA’s budget serves as a policy making tool, a management tool, a financial tool, and a communication tool. The end result should be a balanced budget that has been well planned and communicated. Accordingly, the attached Annual Budgets* of the Escambia County Finance Authority as adopted and amended are attached.

Serious concerns relating to fraud, failures in financial reporting, or unethical or illegal conduct, may be reported in either of the following ways:

*By proceeding to view ECHFA’s Operating Budgets and/or other reports herein, each viewer acknowledges that the reports herein will not be construed by the viewer as a complete description of ECHFA or its affairs at any time subsequent to the date of the reports herein, nor will the viewer assume from the availability of any reports provided on this website that the affairs of ECHFA have not changed since the date of the reports herein.  The only information on which investors should rely is that posted on the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) (  ECHFA disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages caused by viruses contained within the electronic files on this website.  Audit Report


The Authority has no power to levy any taxes or assessments. The ECHFA may enter into transactions made for its organizational purposes that also generate revenue. These transactions include investments in mortgage loans receivable, mortgage backed securities, or other qualifying housing development loans made pursuant to Chapter 159, Part II and Part IV, Florida Statutes. For more detailed information, see the audited financial statements.

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