Homeownership Program

ECHFA Homeownership Program

Feature* Benefit
Single Family (Governmental) Program Option
30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan with an ECHFA DPA Program option for Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance. See "Today's Interest Rates." Don’t wait. An affordable interest rate means lower monthly mortgage payments. Keep your money for that all important emergency fund.
Discount/Origination Fee The combined total discount fees may not exceed 1.00% of the principal loan amount.
Documentary Stamp Tax and Intangible Tax The Authority's first Governmental Loan Option mortgage loan is EXEMPT from Florida Documentary Stamp Tax.
Recapture Tax The Authority's Governmental Loan Option mortgage loans are NOT subject to Recapture Tax.
Freddie Mac HFA Advantage (Conventional) Program Option
30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan with an ECHFA DPA Program option for down payment and closing cost assistance. See "Today's Interest Rates." The Freddie Mac HFA Advantage (Conventional Option) Program significantly lowers the cost of Mortgage Insurance over the term of the loan.
Origination Fee The origination fee may not exceed 1.00% of the principal loan amount.
Homeownership Education Buyers utilizing the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage (Conventional) Program Option will be required to complete an approved homebuyer education course and must provide a certificate of completion of the course prior to closing.
Classic DPA Program
30-Year Deferred Non-Interest Bearing Second Mortgage Loan up to $7,500*. To be used exclusively with the Governmental Classic Program Only. Unlike most Second Mortgages, there are NO monthly payments on our down payment and closing cost assistance loans.
Interest on Second Mortgage The 30-Year Deferred Second Mortgage is non-interest bearing, therefore no interest will accrue.
Term of Second Mortgage The 30-Year Deferred Second Mortgage is fully payable when the first mortgage is due upon sale, refinance, transfer of title or simply paying off the first mortgage.
Forgivable DPA Program
10-Year Forgivable Second Mortgage Loan (DPA Loan). Depending on your needs, the DPA Loan offered is in the amount of 3%, 4%, or 5% of the first mortgage loan.
Interest on Second Mortgage The 10-Year Forgivable Second Mortgage is non-interest bearing.
Term of Second Mortgage Loan The Second Mortgage Loan is fully forgiven on the anniversary date of loan closing in the 10th year.
General Program Benefits
Fixed Rate The Authority's fixed rate loans do not have surprise payment increases, allowing you to better budget your income.
30-Year Loan Term Keep monthly mortgage payments low since they are spread across 360 months.
First-Time Homebuyers or Former Homeowners Qualifying Homebuyers have not owned a home in the last three years.
Multi-County Don’t be fooled by our name. We don’t just serve Escambia County. We currently serve 21 Counties across Florida.
Military Veteran Support As a ‘thank you’ to our veterans, the first-time homebuyer requirement is waived for honorably discharged military veterans as defined in 38 U.S.C. 101.
Non-First Time Homebuyer Select a home in a designated Targeted Area and the first time homebuyer requirement is waived.
Income and Purchase Price Limits Not for just low income housing. Maximum Income Limits range from $70,000 up to $113,120. Purchase Price Limits range from zero up to $311,980 (up to $399,147 in Targeted Areas.) See Helpful Resources Page.

*All program FEATURES are subject to change. Second Mortgage funds only to be used towards down payment and/or closing costs. Participating Lenders provide specific APR information as required by law.

Buy a Home of your Own

Tired of throwing money away by renting and ready to own a home, but think you don’t have enough cash? Well THINK AGAIN!!!

The Escambia County Housing Finance Authority (ECHFA) can help you come up with that cash through our Homeownership Program, helping you achieve your homeownership dream, whether it’s your first, second or fifth time around. You get the idea.

We periodically launch new programs, so please be sure to revisit and bookmark our website as a resource when researching attractive homeownership programs.  


Participating Florida Counties

Map of Participating Florida Counties

- Alachua
- Bay
- Bradford
- Escambia
- Franklin
- Gadsden
- Gulf
- Hernando
- Indian River
- Jackson
- Jefferson
- Leon
- Madison
- Marion
- Martin
- Okaloosa
- Santa Rosa
- St. Lucie
- Taylor
- Wakulla
- Walton
- Targeted Areas

The total purchase price of a property may not exceed the Purchase Price Limits listed on the corresponding Participating County Page.


Today's Interest Rates: