What We Do

What We Do

The Escambia County Housing Finance Authority (ECHFA or the Authority) serves 21 counties across Florida by offering homeownership programs to first-time homebuyers and former homeowners (Do I Qualify?).  The Authority also assists developers of multi-family housing communities through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds.  In Escambia County, the Authority is actively involved in developing affordable single family homes through its Urban Infill Program. 

The Authority is a public body enabled and operating under the laws of the State of Florida. The Authority was created in accordance with the Florida Housing Finance Authority Law, Part IV of Chapter 159, Florida Statutes, as amended, and by Ordinance No. 80-12, as amended, enacted by the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners on May 29, 1980. Escambia Commissioners are responsible for appointing ECHFA’s governing body that consists of a five-member Board. The ECHFA Board and Registered Agent, Lisa Bernau, may be reached at 700 South Palafox Street, Suite 310, Pensacola, Florida, (800) 388-1970 or by email at [email protected] or by visiting our website at www.escambiahfa.com.


The mission of ECHFA is to help alleviate the shortage of affordable homes available to persons of moderate, middle and low income, which will provide them with safe, sanitary and decent housing; and to assist in making capital available for the financing of construction, purchase, reconstruction or rehabilitation of such homes for such persons at interest rates which they can afford.


The Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees

The Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, adopted by the Legislature as Part III of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes , contains standards of ethics conduct and disclosures applicable to public officers, employees, candidates, lobbyists, and others in Florida State and local government, with the exception of Judges. The Authority is subject to the provisions of the Florida Code of Ethics. On April 14, 2015, the Board acknowledged and reaffirmed that those provisions of Part III, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees which are applicable to the ECHFA will be enforced and complied with by all employees and Public Officers of the ECHFA. For a full description of the Florida Ethics Laws, visit the Florida Commission of Ethics’ website at www.ethics.state.fl.us, See Ethics Laws.


The "Sunshine Amendment"

The "Sunshine Amendment," adopted by Florida voters through a constitutional initiative in 1976 as Article II, Section 8, Florida Constitution, contains standards of ethical conduct and disclosures applicable to public officers and employees.  The Authority complies with those requirements, along with the public meetings and public records requirements of Chapters 286 and 119, Florida Statutes.


Official List of Special Districts

The Official List of Special Districts in Florida can be found at Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website.  How to create a custom list of Special Districts, use this link.



Since 1980, ECHFA has assisted homebuyers in achieving their dream of homeownership and multi-family developers in reaching their real estate development goals.


The ECHFA has issued over $1 billion of single family mortgage revenue bonds throughout Florida as indicated in the following table.

Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bonds

Amount Series/Year
Continuous Funding Current Program
$6,481,473 2019C
$14,000,000 2019B
$15,000,000 2019A
$25,000,000 2017 Mortgage Credit Certificate
$16,861,686 2016A
$4,335,000 2014B
$25,000,000 2010
$32,600,000 2007B
$39,355,000 2007A-1, 2007A-2
$31,000,000 2006A
$33,000,000 2004A
$71,945,000 2002A-1, 2002A-2
$96,255,000 2001A
$87,865,000 2000A&B
$93,135,000 1999
$60,675,000 1998A
$28,350,000 1997C
$68,685,000 1997A&B
$38,355,000 1996A&B
$39,000,000 1995B
$59,000,000 1995A
$40,000,000 1992A
$47,910,000 1991A
$39,965,000 1990A
$33,865,000 1989C
$45,690,000 1989A&B
$15,000,000 1987
$20,000,000 1985
$22,665,000 1984
$26,830,000 1982


The ECHFA has issued over $100 million of multi-family revenue bonds and over $110 million of dormitory revenue bonds for the University of West Florida Foundation, Inc. (UWF) as indicated in the following table.

Multi-Family and Dormitory Revenue Bonds

Amount Project Series/Year
$26,000,000 The Moorings 2023
$24,600,000 Sunrise Apartments 2023
$16,440,000 College Trace Apartments 2022
$47,927,000 Kinneret Apartments (Series A) 2022
$5,373,000 Kinneret Apartments (Series B) 2022
$14,050,000 Flint Gardens Apartments 2022
$8,700,000 Orange Blossom Village Apartments 2021
$6,500,000 Springhill Apartments 2019
$11,320,000 Taylor Pointe Apartments 2019
$7,950,000 Delphin Down Apartments 2018
$6,600,000 Perrytown Apartments 2018
$14,393,280 UWF 2015
$16,525,000 UWF 2011
$11,717,000 UWF 2010
15,000,000 UWF 2009
$9,000,000 Johnson Lakes Apartments 2006
$18,290,000 UWF 2005
$13,455,000 UWF 1999
$15,400,000 UWF 1998
$4,650,000 UWF 1997
$4,650,000 The Meadowrun Project 1993
$500,000 Genesis Health Care, Inc. Project 1988 B
$8,000,000 Genesis Health Care, Inc. Project 1988
$4,060,000 The Enclave Project 1985 B
$6,070,000 The Waterford Project 1985 A
$6,000,000 Alpine Village Project 1985
$3,050,000 Hunters Pointe Project 1985
$2,300,000 Sandalwood Apartment Project 1985
$2,855,000 Colony House Project 1984
$3,000,000 Maison Deville Project 1984

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