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The mission of Escambia County Housing Finance Authority (“Authority”, “Escambia HFA” or “ECHFA”) is to help alleviate the shortage of affordable homes available to persons of moderate, middle and low income, which will provide them with safe, sanitary and decent housing; and to assist in making capital available for the financing of construction, purchase, reconstruction or rehabilitation of such homes for such persons at interest rates which they can afford.




The ECHFA targets development or redevelopment of vacant urban “infill” properties with affordable housing for sale to and occupancy by low to moderate income persons/families (based on Authority income limits*) in Escambia County and the City of Pensacola. The maximum sales/purchase price allowed under the initiative is $189,000, with the actual sales/purchase price controlled by appraised value.  Homebuyers are encouraged to utilize the local Escambia HFA and/or SHIP Homebuyers Program for first and second mortgage (down payment assistance) financing for the purchase of these homes.



ECHFA currently offers FHA-insured, VA-guaranteed or USDA-RD 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages using our 4.375%* Mortgage with a 0%, non-amortizing 30-year Deferred Second Mortgage up to $7,500*.  Discount/Origination Fee or any combination shall not exceed 1% of the principal loan amount. You can download an Escambia County Urban Infill Brochure.


*ECHFA Income Limits:

Family of 1-2: $63,300 (Non-Target Areas) - $75,960 (Target Areas)

Family of 3 or more: $72,795 (Non-Target Areas) - $88,620 (Target Areas


*Participating Lenders will provide specific APR information as required by law. Mortgage Rate/APR and DPA Amount may be reset periodically based on market conditions.  The Issuer reserves the right to modify terms of the Program at any time.


For more information call us at 800-388-1970 or 850-432-7077.


Escambia – Pensacola SHIP/Home Income Limits:

For more information regarding the City of Pensacola/Escambia County SHIP First Time Homebuyer Program Requirements, please visit their website for details.



(Escambia County Only)


Bennat, Inc.   (850) 232-1267


Blue Water Signature Homes, Inc.  (850) 450-4656

   Home(s) for Sale: 535 South 2nd Street

1211 Scott Street


   537 South 2nd Street

   312 East Palmetto Avenue

   316 East Palmetto Avenue

   317 South A Street 

   11 Broadmoor Street

   13 Sullivan Road


Caldwell Home Builders, Inc. (850) 516-4820


Community Action Program Committee, Inc. (850) 679-4817

    Home(s) for Sale:  1192 Heathrow Drive


Community Enterprise Investments, Inc. (850) 595-6234

   Home(s) for Sale:  404 East Lloyd Street


Handipro-Kleen Services, Inc. (aka: HKS, Inc.)  (850) 206-0962

   Home(s) for Sale:  508 North A Street

Mike Motes Builders, LLC (850) 626-3471

   Home(s) for Sale:  16 Park Drive


    1042 Peakview Drive

    2297 Libra Lane


Parker Custom Built Homes, Inc. (850) 572-1134

   Home(s) for Sale: 


     1681 Eagle Terrace


SEED Properties, LLC (850) 380-3073 or (845) 797-9016

   Home(s) for Sale:   


    1017 W. LaRua Street

      420 North E Street


For additional information about the Urban Infill Housing Development Program or specific homes that are available in Escambia County and the City of Pensacola contact the ECHFA office at (850) 432-7077 or any of the Participating Builders listed above.



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